Calder recognises its environmental responsibility and is committed to improving its performance towards a sustainable future.

It is the Company's policy to conduct its business in a manner that is compatible with the balanced environmental and economic needs of the communities in which it operates. The aim of the Company is to provide complete customer satisfaction to the best of our abilities and to ensure that all internal arrangements and practices are suitable for that purpose. These practises to be audited by our Quality Controls and General Manager on a quarterly basis. The Environmental Policy is to maintain an effective system, appropriate to the scale and environment impact of its activities and services.

In addition, the Company will comply with relevant applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes. This commitment extends to the continual improvement of Quality and Environmental performance together with the prevention of pollution. To achieve this result the Company has adopted a policy of operating a co-ordinated Quality / Environment System, to meet the requirements of ISO:9001 by providing the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

Directors and Managers have the responsibility to ensure that all personnel engaged in tasks, which can influence Quality / Environment, are aware of their obligations under the Standards and are provided with adequate suitable resources.

The Company's Integrated Management System policy, procedures and where appropriate Quality/Environmental instructions, are documented, controlled, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees of the Company via our comprehensive induction plan, and form a fundamental part of an individuals ongoing, personal training and development programme that is reviewed on a six-monthly basis.

To ensure sustainable business practises we will:

  • Embrace an environmental strategy that encompasses each and every colleague
  • Minimise paper use - i.e. by sending e-mail (tagging messages to recipients to prompt awareness to their need not to print off), printing documents back to back/double side, replenish stocks only when depleted
  • Paper is re-used internally for message taking and blotters or shredded and recycled for animal bedding
  • Only recycled paper is purchased for Calder use.
  • Printer fax / toner cartridges are refilled by a local company to offset carbon footprint
  • Recycling bins are in operation throughout the building for cans, paper and plastics
  • Minimising energy use by using energy saving light bulbs and power saving stand by technology
  • All non-essential office equipment is switched off when not in use and is monitored by Team Leaders
  • Obsolete office equipment is collected and given to local churches who distribute it to Third world countries, or to local schools who dismantle and rebuild as part of IT studies
  • Use public transport as and when possible. Where a company or private vehicle is necessary for the completion of their responsibilities, these vehicles will have a high fuel efficiency rating. Calder offer flexitime incentives to employee’s utilising public transport for travelling to/from work
  • Focus upon our key environmental issues, such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, water efficiency and minimise pollution
  • Train and provide tools for colleagues
  • Measure, benchmark, set targets and continually improve our performance
  • Share best practises and comply with local and relevant international legislation as illustrated by UK Government launch of it’s new strategy for sustainable development
  • Liaise with our suppliers and business partners to improve their environmental performance and consciously contract those with a high performance in the area of sustainability
  • Communicate our environmental achievements to our customers, suppliers and colleagues by way of a quarterly e-magazine
  • Support environmental initiatives within the local community in conjunction with the local council
  • Influence Land use in harmony with nature and construction by promoting the use of environmental standards. Calder have planted a significant number of trees around our site to encourage wildlife habitats and ensure that areas of the property are left wild for pollination
  • Commuting/travel can have significant negative environmental impacts, therefore we encourage home based/remote workers
  • Wash room/toilet facilities have water management systems to avoid automatic flushing of urinals. Cisterns are equipped with dual flush mechanisms. Recycled paper towels are used as opposed to electronic devices/laundry
  • Hot water is distributed by combination boiler to avoid stock piling
  • Windows are protected by solar film which reflects 99% of UV-rays, and deflects glare from the sun, providing a cool environment during hot weather (reducing uncomfortable heat) - thus eliminating the need for air-conditioning
  • Internal printing is produced in low resolution to avoid excessive usage of ink/toner
  • Promote racial equality