Terms & Conditions

1. Participation in the 'Club Calder' programme is subject to completion and acceptance by Calder of a completed registration form. Calder will confirm in writing, with confirmation of Membership status. Acceptance and the continuation of membership is at the discretion of Calder. Dependent on each member's selection of membership, members will be eligible to redeem all rewards or specific rewards only, including training and/or team based activities and/or charity donations. Participation is open to UK residents only.

2. This programme is valid for new corporate room and meeting and conference and event management and business travel bookings made on or after 01st June 2007. A corporate room means a bedroom booked under corporate, published, preferred or company registered rates. Retail/Leisure rates are not applicable.

3. This programme is valid only on commissionable bookings made by Calder in the UK and internationally.

4. Reward points are calculated on a calendar year basis, running January to December. Reward points cannot be carried forward to proceeding years.

5. Calder reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate the programme at any time.

6. Members must have obtained permission from their employers before registering for membership of 'Club Calder', and should indicate such approval by declaration on the registration form.

7. Participants in the programme should be aware that participation might result in tax being incurred. Calder may be required to supply returns giving details of this programme and its participants. Subsequent action taken is at the discretion of the participant's local tax office. Calder accepts no responsibility for the participant's tax liability.

8. Public sector employees are not permitted to participate in this programme.

9. This programme cannot be used in conjunction with any other Calder reward programme.

10. Points are awarded per booking as follows:

  • a. For transient room bookings you will receive 1 point for every full £50.00 booked on room charge and multiples thereof
  • b. For meeting and conference bookings you will receive 5 points for every full £1000.00 of commissionable revenue and multiples thereof
  • c. For event management bookings you will receive 10 points for every full £1000.00 revenue and multiples thereof
  • d. For Business Travel bookings you will receive 1 point for every £100.00 spent and multiples thereof

11. Calder will update 'Club' members of their bookings to claim points earned. Confirmation of points added to a members account will be provided to members by way of Management Information on a quarterly basis.

12. Bookings in any currency other than pounds sterling will be converted to pounds sterling by Calder using the current exchange rate at the time of booking.

13. In the event a booking is cancelled or does not occur, the member will not be eligible to claim points to the value of the booking cancellation fee.

14. Group members of the Calder Club will be responsible for managing their own Reward Claims and sharing the rewards between group members.

15. Points are not transferable between members, however members are eligible to combine points so long as all members involved benefit from the reward redeemed.

16. Attempts to falsify claims will result in the club membership being withdrawn and all group members being disqualified from this and future promotions.

17. Members can claim rewards by a request in writing to your dedicated Calder Account Director. Confirmation of points used to redeem each reward will be provided in writing by Calder after every reward claim is made.

18. Co-ordination of the reward packages is at the discretion of the Calder Club Administrator.

19. The delivery time for all rewards will vary and is at the discretion of Calder.

20. Calder can accept no liability for any loss, damage or other claim arising from the misuse, or participation in the rewards programme or the rewards thereof.

21. Exclusive benefits for the Calder Club members may be altered at any time.

22. Rewards offered by Calder may change at any time. All rewards are subject to availability. Calder reserves the right to substitute any reward with a reward of equivalent value.

23. Members who wish to terminate their membership will have to give written notice to Calder. From the date of receipt of notice the member will have 30 days in which to use outstanding points, after which their account will be closed and their points nil and void.

24. Please note, products marketed in any Calder communication may be subject to availability.

25. Promoter: Calder, 4 Woodside Court, Clayton Wood Rise, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 6RF