Whilst we can justify our service by savings in both time and resource, Calder recognise that companies look to streamline their expenditure - Management Reporting can provide a valuable source of financial information.

CalderBase, our bespoke reservations system, identifies each and every reservation, detailing the number of nights, average room rates, hotels used and itemised savings. Reports can be formatted to specify your cost centre, named traveller and individual bookers. Our flexibility is such that you can tailor the report to your own personal requirements.

The reports subsequently play an important role in monitoring expenditure and in the implementation of our policies.

Through on-going analysis and interpretation, the information contained within the reports provides a valuable tool to monitor trends and key volume locations where further rate negotiation could be beneficial.

Where companies have adopted a travel policy, we can provide statistical data to highlight exceptions to policy and maverick spends.

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Our service is FREE and will save you valuable time and resources by eliminating the frustrating and time consuming task of searching for hotel accommodation. We also take care of the administration, saving you valuable time and administration costs.

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