Whilst the process of making hotel reservations is pretty straight forward, this is the final part of the process.

Calder take into account the unique cultures and business practices adopted by individual organisations, and produce a strategy that simplifies service delivery, enhances quality and limits dependence on your internal resource - freeing you to focus on your core business needs. Service Level Agreements provide proactive account management, anticipating changing requirements and reacting accordingly.

In light of the ever-increasing threat on security, Calder issue a unique client reference for each company, which is coded when confirming reservations with hotels. Unique reservation references are issued per individual booking, and confirmations can be issued to the venue, booker and guest on request. Calder never advise on credit card details in writing to a venue, and would guarantee reservations against our IATA bonding.

Accredited to ISO 9000, you are assured our systems are audited on a regular basis, backed by our policy of constant improvement.

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Our service is FREE and will save you valuable time and resources by eliminating the frustrating and time consuming task of searching for hotel accommodation. We also take care of the administration, saving you valuable time and administration costs.

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